As a kid my dad used to say half the fun is in the planning . In those days he would order his trip tik from AAA and from those various choices we chose a destination .

Once we picked a place ,my mom got involved in choosing the hotels for the family . She was very justified in not letting my father pick the lodging .He was lovingly called ‘Cheap Charlie ‘ by his best friends . We poured over the maps and tried to figure out who was going to sit in the front middle seat first . I know, I know , I’m showing my age with all these details , but I wouldn’t trade my past for a mil, but that’s in the past . Today I enjoy travel and I look to stay current . Therefore, when I find something that transforms trip planning ,I am elated because what worked for us oldies is not going to work today .Now we want more and we want it fast !!

I found something that combines the excitement of the planning with ease . Now I click and zoom , and voila I get it all .  GuideZoomer transcends the old sitting around the table in a picturesque Norman Rockwell scene studying pamphlets .  GZ clearly provides a fun fancy free experience that everyone can get involved .

GuideZoomer has over 1400 locations in the USA on their site from which to choose . When ordering our trip tiks who knew there were so many other places to visit ??

Now when you click on  GuideZoomer , you will find in each locale lodging , and dining , it lists the best and the coolest in shopping. Look up activities in the local cities and towns and you have dozens of choices . Best of all the events are kept up to date on the  GuideZoomer Facebook pages .

If we wanted to do something exiting we had to revisit the same places so that we would just know what to do from the previous time . Today things are changing daily and how to keep up ?  GuideZoomer’s event pages inform you of the latest and the greatest happenings everywhere . That info might help decide where you visit .

The kids can help choose, based on their interests and let’s face it ,we need to keep the kids satisfied if we want to enjoy our vacations .

My advise ,which is sage , is- go to  GuideZoomer   and embrace the experience.

Fun and easy , loaded with information and zoom away to your next best trip .

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