Happy Times!

Oh, my Darlings

How wonderfully exciting!!

It’s holiday time!!

For everyone,


There are lights and candle, tinsel and

Happy, Happy, Happy!

This is just my absolute favorite time of year.

Wherever I find myself …

Just imagine –

Rushing through the snow up in Lake Placid, NY, your arms laden with holiday gift items, for yourself and your loved ones.

Hopefully mostly for yourself. 

As I arrive to my new location I always check out Guidezoomer.com to see the new emporiums in which I can shop.

Of course, every destination, where I find myself, has hidden goodies that can be seen on Guidezoomer.com . I love to give interesting gifts. Not the run of the mill for the Duchess, as I’m sure you are aware.

Or …

Imagine basking in the sun in beautiful Santa Barbara, Ca.  and just know that somewhere, somehow,

it’s cold and your friends are out west skiing.

Check out Vail or Park City and GZ will send you to the best slopes. After sipping my hot chocolate, I sometime peruse the gift shops, and you’d be surprised at the cute little tzotzkies one can purchase for your quirky friends.

So, take this time, no matter what holiday you are celebrating, or even if you choose to not celebrate specifically, and go out and be festive.

The best way to be festive is to check out the





National parks

And events

In the over 1350 destinations listed on GuideZoomer and bring in the cheer.

Tata till the New Year

Your Delicious Duchess


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