All the rage!!

That’s moi!!

Camping ???

Yes, but I will turn it into GLAMPING-glamour camping . Aren’t I just so so clever ?!?!

Yes, darling that’s the ticket .

GuideZoomer has all the info to ensure your camping ,biking and hiking adventure is just right .

The National Parks Service

has chosen GuideZoomer to be an official guide to all their parks and services .

Can you see me in a camp site ? Well that was once, but alas, today I’m visiting the great state of Connecticut where glamping reaches for the stars – literally .

GuideZoomer led me to

Winivian Farm in Morris .

There I found The Treehouse Cottage.

Suspended 35 feet off the forest floor ,

I was floating on air .

THIS -is my idea of roughing it . I am not always quite the sport ,but, this time I could be a shining star.

For those of you who really understand and appreciate the great outdoors for all its glory, check out the Parks site on GuideZoomer-the local guide-worldwide .

This site can give you choices of venues for hotels on site,

RVs,cabins,tents, hiking, biking, boating, campfire pits. Concessions for food and all sorts of goodies and necessities and you know so much more . As always I love the adorable knickknacks I found in the gift shop.

This place is a dream !!

I have a spectacular view of the sky through my arched glass ceiling .

This is my kind of glamorous roughing and toughing.

Check out  GuideZoomer and whether you are a nature lover or just a lover, GZ  will find the perfect destination just for you .

Tata for now ,

Your Glampy Duchess

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