Have we met?

Not sure you’ve had the pleasure . They call me

The Duchess

Some say dazzling -daring or divine.

One thing with which I will agree , darling ,

I am always on the go.

I love to travel . I enjoy meeting new people, immersing myself in different cultures trying cuisines I’ve never tried before .

I’d like to invite you to join me on my adventures. To find the most fab places to go I just discovered GuideZoomer. I decided to visit the Southern states and GuideZoomer showed me the way .

I’m loving it here down in Georgia . I’ve always fancied myself to have been a Southern belle in a previous lifetime .

I know Scarlet and I would have been the closest of friends .

Before visiting Georgia

I clicked onto GuideZoomer and voila! I found a variety of perfect hotels for me in Roswell,Ga. that I could book directly on-line without being hijacked by those pesky booking sites. Once I was checked in I zoomed over to the list of restaurants and as I’m clicking I imagined myself sitting at a lovely outdoor cafe sipping mint juleps . Without leaving the GuideZoomer site I could see the list of

the A-listers who will be in concert this month -top of the charts . Oh my darlings, come walk with me downtown as GuideZoomer guides me through the shopping districts .Yes, you guessed it. The Duchess loves to shop, I just found the most darling evening bag . Ooh!!

I’m so excited !!

GuideZoomer shows not only the large centers and districts but features some quaint out of the way shops .

The historic district offers a variety of activities .

As I stroll by the Chattahoochee River my green comes out as I visit the Nature Center and learn how I can contribute to the sustainability of the area.

GZ has listings for a walk back in time . I’m floating through the Antebellum homes and as you can imagine I am fancying myself as the madame of a large plantation . My, how times have changed. Down in Georgia it’s certainly for the better.

Historic attractions around war memorials re-enacting how life was lived This new site is the answer to my dreams .

Locations all over this fantastic great USA ,

Hotels for all budgets , restaurants to satisfy all palates , attractions for me and the gen Y-ers in my life . Have I told you about all the cultural choices-

Off to the ballet for me , Off to the jazz clubs for them and duck tours for the tots . GuideZoomer provides all the info one needs to enjoy a trip anywhere their little heart desires . Yes, so many incredible destinations here in the US at my manicured little fingers .

This is my newest passion .

I’m a Zoomer all the way

Love it darlings !

Traveling is my thing ,so ,

Come join me !!

Even if your trip is not imminent ,

cluck and zoom and choose a destination that’s right for you or just zoom as you dream .

They say :

Half the fun is in the planning and GZ makes the planning tons of fun

And easy .

So TaTa for now as I zoom around Roswell , for a few more days .

Then we will visit GuideZoomer and decide on where to travel next.

Here’s to new adventures !!

Love y’all,

Duchess D